The issues surrounding shoes go beyond the footwear industry itself. A number of organisations are leading national and international campaigns against ethical and sustainable problems that are linked to our everyday modern lifestyles.

Here is a selection of resources, reports and campaigns addressing some of these issues:

Labour Behind The Label video for the Change Your Shoes campaign.

A video on Fashion Revolution day, held each year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy


Detox is a big campaign run by Greenpeace to build a toxic-free future.

Detox Outdoor is a Greenpeace campaign against PFCs, the toxic chemicals used to waterproof outdoor gear.

Detox Catwalk assesses fashion brands that have agreed a Detox Commitment with Greenpeace.


Greenpeace campaign Slaughtering the Amazon looks at the link between cattle and deforestation.

The Better Cotton Initiative “exists to make global cotton production better”.

An animated documentary from The Story of Stuff, describing the lifecycle of products.


DanWatch looks into the supply chains of leather for shoes in Brazil and India.