For Consumers

The Better Shoes Foundation is primarily aimed at footwear manufacturers. But that shouldn't stop you from having a read through. As a consumer, you have the power to vote with your wallet. The purpose of this section is to provide you with alternative ways to shop.

Examples already mentioned:

  • The Good Shopping Guide - a comparison site with the aim of “promoting ethical shopping and ethical business in support of the development of a better world”. They even have a dedicated section for shoes and an app for on-the-go research.
  • Balu - offers ethical alternatives whilst you shop, and is available as an app and a plug-in.
  • Good On You - provides detailed brand ratings to make researching ethical brands easier (currently available for Australia, but with an international version in the works).

Other examples:

  • aVOID - a plugin that allows you to avoid products that are associated with the exploitation of children.
  • Buycott - a website and app that allows you to discover how a manufacturer matches up against your principles.
  • Green Glam Go - a website and app that collates and promotes green designers.
  • Instead - an app that provides a way to make small donations, usually in the amount of $3 and $5.
  • iRecycle - an app for finding local (United States only), convenient recycling opportunities.
  • Not My Style - an app that will tell you how much your favourite fashion brands share about how they treat the people who make our clothes.
  • OpenLabel - an app that creates a centralised place for people and organisations to share environmental, political, social, animal welfare, and health & safety information.
  • Shop Ethical - an app where you can get the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common (Australian) brand names.
  • Social Impact - an app to help you find social change and green companies.
  • Vinted - a website and app with a mission to make secondhand the first choice worldwide.